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Bug in Rich Text Editor and Internet Explorer

Guest RasmusBoye

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Hi :) I have a bug to report.

1. To see this bug use Internet Explorer, go to make new topic and choose Rich Text Editor.

2. Click in the field where you write the post (but don't write anything).

3. Click on "Insert Image". (If you get the "This website is using a scripted window to....bla bla"-warning first then you have to click in in the field where you post once more before you click "Insert Image" again)

4. Try to insert and adress now, it won't work.

Other problems happen if you do the same thing before you use other functions. If you for example click on a smiley it creates the smiley but then jumps down some rows. If you do it with Insert Image instead it says "<P>&nbsp;</P>" in the pop-up instead of "http://". And so on.

Please fix this bug, it's very annoying, and gives a feeling that it's not a smooth working program, but instead one with bugs where you have to figure ways around problems.


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