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IPS Resources Download Links Broken...

Guest Wondering Soul

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Hey, I went online to the resources site just a few minutes ago, searched for something and after looking through a few pages, went to click on a file and was taken back the the main home page (resources.invisionpower.com). I thought that it could have been just one file but there were over 10 links that this happened on.

The only thing each has in common is that they are missing the showfile= property. There is no numerical value specified after each one. Maybe as if the URL's aren't being constructed properly for some reason. Here's a picture to help explain what I was seeing:


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It's not a problem with these individual mods, the links to them are fine when I look at them through my 'Your Submissions' menu in my IPS Resources UserCP, the issue is something with the IPS Resources site itself. So me resubmitting these mods wouldn't really fix the issue. If someone can tell me which mods they're having trouble finding, I can post the proper links for them, Member Anniversaries is here:


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Here are the link's I have noticed so far, if it helps :)

(FSY22) Members Registered Today v2.2
(FSY22) Members Online Today v3.2
(FSY22) Member Anniversaries v2.1
(FSY22) Pip Popup v1.1
(FSY22) Auto PM New Members v6.1
(FSY22) Spam Protection v1.5
(FSY22) PM Preferences v1.0
(FSY22) Global Forum Message v3.0
(FSY22) BBCode & Emoticons in Filter v1.1
(FSY22) Ban Filter Reasons v1.0

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