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A few quick suggestions

Brandon D

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Make the template search an actual search and not a filter. If I knew the exact name of the template I'm using, I probably wouldn't need to search for it. Bonus points if you make it search the actual content of the templates and not just the titles because again, if I even vaguely knew the name of the template I need, I probably don't need help finding it. What I need help with is finding every template that uses x like display member group, etc...

Show custom profile fields in the author details on PMs, not just posts.

Add a setting for signatures (per group) that, if enabled, will only show that member's signature on his first post on each page of a topic. This reduces clutter and provides faster load times. So if someone has three posts on a single page of a topic, only his first post on that page would have his signature.

Somehow allow us to see EVERYONE who is in a group, whether primary or secondary, from the group management section. Right now I have to go to member management, scroll all the way down and select the group from the secondary drop down list to see anyone with that group in their secondaries. There's no way to view a single list with both primary and secondary, either. It's a bit odd seeing this group has 500+ members and when I click the list that says to view the members I get 0 results.

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