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Program when your post will be published (or visible)

Guest Telemacus2

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This is really a very cool feature that I've been thinking about for a while
Ability to program when a post will be published (with user permissions to use this feature perhaps) please think about this! The reason for this is that we're all busy with our jobs and everything, and sometimes we don't feel like writing anything for 4 days, but other times we have plenty of energy to write lots and lots of stuff. Now, if you don't write for 4 days (or more!) users kind of think that the admin has "abandoned" his forum, and they don't bother checking back for a while.
However, if new posts appears every 24 hours, it makes you look quite professional and serious (kind of!). Anyway, I think you get the picture. I'd love to be able to program when my post will be published. I think this can be done because if you think about it, IPB already lets admins choose when a topic will be closed, so it can't be that complicated.

Please admins, support this request!! :)

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