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[suggestion] PM topic starter about move automatically option

Guest W13

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I run a high-traffic forum where tons of people post in the wrong forum, and a move is necessary. Also, we can't leave a link in the initial forum because it diverts traffic to the wrong topic (and people abuse it by posting in a high-traffic sub-forum in hopes of getting more visitors to their topic, etc).

SO, I propose that moderators be allowed to automatically send a PM to topic starters of the topic they're moving.

See picture:

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I think that an option shouldn't be necessary and pm's should always be sent if the person is a member. :)

W13, the famous owner of Msxsecurity.com

Yeah, I just think you need more moderators like me ^^; :lol:
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I created something similar a while ago, I left out the option to notify as mentioned in the first screenshot. As I thought this would be counter productive and require a lot more edits, when this modification is already heavily edited enough. (Which is unavoidable).

It only supports a few options right now, mainly the most used moderation actions.

open_topic=Open Topic

close_topic=Close Topic

delete_topic=Delete Topic

delete_post=Delete Post

move_topic=Move Topic

approve_topic=Approve Topic

unapprove_topic=Unapprove Topic

approve_post=Approve Post

unapprove_post=Unapprove Post

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