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Attachment space

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Anything over 8MB is gonna fail via php upload anyway, and if its larger than that you'd want to FTP it onto the server directly no?

I could perhaps see per forum but only in rare circumstances. Like if it's a computer tech forum where all you upload to most forums is a diagnostic tool output of a text file, so users are limited to say, 10KB, but in the desktop screenshots forum you want to be able to upload 500KB images.

Even there I'd set a max 500 or so.

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Umm.... I believe the limit for a PHP upload is controlled by the Host via config files.

I know it CAN be larger than 8 MB. On my host, I've uploaded 20MB files through IP Board with no problems. My limit is set to a ridiculously high number, though one I would ever attempt to approach.

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I did not mean per thread. You can change the total allowed attachment space, but you cant change how much space is allowed per file

Perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you wrote above, and if I *have* this will be for nothing, but...

Do you mean a file uploaded to IP Downloads, or as an attachment to a post in IP Board?
(If IP Download, max file size is set per Category. If an IP Board post attachment, max filesize is set per User Group.)

If using IP Downloads, look here: (otherwise check below)
ACP -> Components -> Ip Downloads Manager -> Categories.

Once there, find the category you want to upload the file to. Then on the right side of the screen, click the drop-down box for the category you want the file to go into, and choose "Edit Settings". In the following screen, under the "Category Options" header, find the entry titled "Maximum file sizes allowed (in kB)".

NOTE the text under it, which says "Your host has limited the maximum file upload size to xxxx MB. You cannot set this value any higher than the maximum your host has set". (My host has this set to a ridiculously high number.) To the right of that, you can enter a maximum file size, UP TO the maximum set by the host. If the host has set a limit smaller than the file you want to upload, you're out of luck unless you can talk them into increasing it. Most likely they won't if it's a large company. Otherwise enter a number there, and remember it's in KB, so if you want an 8 MB limit, use 8192.

If using IP Board (a post attachment) look here:
ACP - Management -> Users and Groups -> Manage User Groups. On the right side, click the drop down box for the Group you want to edit, and choose "Edit Group".

Once there, find the section "Upload Permissions" and then "PER POST: Max total file space allowed in each post or PM (in KB)" Note the max allowed set by the Host. Read the above info in IP Downloads about getting the host to increase this if necessary. If you want an 8MB limit, enter 8192 in the proper box.

I should note also, read the whole section under "Upload Permissions".

Hope that helped.
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