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There should be a pm feature available to moderators and administrators that allows them to check a box that makes the pms not take up space. So if a member pms an admin or mod requesting support on something, the PMs would not take up space on each-others box, so a member (or mod) does not need to worry about having to delete important PMs when ever they need to pm a moderator for support, or every-time a moderator gets contacted.

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You guys dont get what I am saying.
Using your suggestion would mean that every time a member sends a support message to a moderator, I would have to manually increase that moderators pm space, and when the mod replies, I would need to increase the mem bers pm space by one, and when the moderator and the member deletes the message I would need to reduce the message space.

If a member sends a pm to a member which reads something along the lines of this "dude your sig rocks" I want the pm to take up space. However, if a member sends a pm to a saying "Hay some dude is flaming me...... can you please help me" I want the moderator to be able to when he replies, select a box that basically says
"This PM is a support PM, and is sent for the purpose of a member obtaining support, not to socialize. Therefor I dont want the PM he sent to me, this and all subsequent replies to add to our quota" So if the member has 39/50 pms and the mod has 80/150 pms, when the member sends the pm to the moderator, the moderator's pms would still be 80/150(instead of 81/150) and when the moderator replies the members pms would be 39/50 not 40/50.

Same goes for if an admin sends out a global pm, he/she can make it so that the pm wont take up the members quota.

I still want pms that are sent for the purpose of socializing to take up quota space, but pms sent requesting support wont.

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