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IPB3 Feature Suggestion

Guest sweetL

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The principle is simple. You enable it for individual forums, and set a time limit. You might say

'My Chatty Forum' > Enabled > Delete Topics With No Replies in 60 Days

Which would just keep itself tidy. Which would be brilliant. No more completely mashing up your server while you do some routine maintenance, it just keeps itself in check.

Helpful Additions / Related to This
Archive Topic
The ability to mark a topic as archived. This doesnt actually lock it, make it unable to be posted on, but what it DOES do, is mean that the auto-prune, topic mass move / delete (etc) does not affect it. A thread that is 'archived' is, in effect, protected from accidental or routine deletion.

It would be very, very helpful indeed.

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It would be nice to also force close topics regardless of replies as well. I have forums that I need to close topics after so many days after open or else the forum can get flooded with old posts bumped to the top and ones that are new get drowned out.

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