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FEATURE REQ: How to make language management easy

Guest Olsberg

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As a site admin not from US/UK, it is quite time consuming to manage the local language translastions on updates/upgrades. Yes, there are of course public translations to download, but they are honestly not always sufficient.

So here goes my request:
1. Store all language sets an the content in the database.
2. Make a timestamp for all words and phrases, both in the English [master] and local languages.
3. If a change is mage in the English [master] language, the IPB software can the easy alert the site admin what exact translations needs to be added or updated. No need to ever go through the set, file by file and row by row. An overview over the changes after all updates/upgrades will make the necessary changes visible to the site admin.
4. Cache the sets in the cache folder on the server.

Yes, it's a very simple solution i assume - but it makes the language administration much easier.

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