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New Calendar Features?

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The calendar is one of our most important features. My clubs board uses the calendar for members to see the monthly events, which by the way may include over 50-60 monthly events, our members actually patrticipate in these events and the features of the calendar are important.. Only one person is allowed to edit add/change events, this would be our activities officer.

The things I would like to see in future updates or modifications to the calendar are these:

  • The biggest need is for this: Install a button which allows users to print a list of events for any given month or for the year, or the actual calendar page as it appears on the system. Members could print the page/list as a reminder and tape it to the refrigerator.

    A feature that would import all events to a specific forum area, posting and listing the events for the entire year or for any calendar month.

    An event submittal feature that would allow for submissions to be taken from pm's (private messages), check them for accuracy, and allow them to be posted directly to the calendar

In any case, these would be a few nice features to have, especially the printout of a monthly/yearly events list. If any of these suggested features can be done currently, please enlighten me as to how this is accomplished. I do very little coding and have some experience with php.

There is no reason to move to a third party calendar, simply because it would not integrate as well and it could very well cause problems with the database. I for one am not wiling to experiment.
This has been suggested by a lot of our members who are screaming for change, I am holding steadfast to IPB's calendar.

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