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Weird request

Guest Jυra

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Stop saying hello in tickets and posts. o.o

It's very creepy unless you're in the intro forum. Almost as bas as:

I'm going kill you. :)

I don't know, just is awkward. If you don't agree, carry on and ignore this.

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I guess its just personal preference but Professionalism, which I idolize in a purchase-ware product, requires a greeting of some sort. I really don't know of a professional company that doesn't greet you in response.

This being a unprofessional response I didn't greet you or acknowledge you.

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that hello is an automatically inserted word...

cannot bother if it is in Chinese either...it is ok because all that matters is what the person who gave you support is saying...

for example i have a support email like this received:

Thank you for contacting Invision Power Services.

XYZ has responded to your Invision Power Services request.





IPS Support

XYZ is an example, I hope nobody there has this nick and if it does I am not speaking about him/her.

All I wish to say is that I was upset by my own stupidity, I summited a stupid ticket, I solved that problem 5 seconds later...

:) I just loved that moment when someone smiled...
my own mood changed then...

what matters are just the links inserted there and the answer...

to say you dont like the rest is like judging an automatically sent pm on your birthday...:) just a common message, that is all.

starry night
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Why would you want them to type out stuff that people ignore?

come on, they do not type... is just a header...:P

or should be...

and I like to see them saying hello ...

I just do not know how to convince them not to write: please verify your password for ftp access , this one is not longer actual...

believe me, they said that so many times, to each ticket I summited , :lol: that I began to believe that even this is a automate first answer for each ticket I summit.
seems it is not <_<
but I can tell them to do it , as a multi-moderation...)'

funny thread indeed.

do you know why I believe it is just the header? it is strange to think a man will reply to your questions 10 times in 10 minutes and each time he will say hello... seems useless.
and I think it is normal if this is automatically
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