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Signature problem


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Some people, insert a lot of images into their signature, but if they don't insert line break, internet explorer deform your board layout (firefox is most intelligent, and adds automatically line break).

Here you can find an example of a stupid user that deform my board:

To solve this problem i suggest 3 ways:
1 - Add in Admin CP a function to auto insert line break after X image.
2 - Add in Admin CP a function to limit [ img ] tag X times for signature.
3 - Add a function to enable BBcode only for a specific member group, so i can disable bbcode in signature for newbie users group only

I know that there is the option to disable bbcode into signatures, but i don't think it's good to block all users for the stupidity of someone...

I hope that you shuld solve this problem.

Thanks, Daniele

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