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Family filter option in board options and forum order per member and m


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Well some sections on my board are adults only and the rest are open. I would like a filter option in the board options and I being an admin could select which forums to be invisible when the filter is on. The filter status should be noticeable in the board view.

Also for the forum sorting order...why not give the members the option to sort which category of forums or better still category and forum order as well? This helps in a forum which has a long list...not useful for a forum with only a few categories and forums.

Also I would like to see an optional side column view where we could have the option to move the stats, login box, and some other plugins...whereby we could mix the usefulness of a portal and not compromising on the forum look. we could also have a side menu navigation...add to it a 2 column forum layout...this would look more professional, help us conserve screen real estate as well. The side menu could be limited to the board view and the forum view and also if an admin want topic view...if the admin as well as the user is able to choose which ones to have it would be much greater. Also have different menus for topic, forum and board views? We(users/admins) could choose which ones to have and where.

More layout changes for the my controls...would be great...prolly a tabbed look to it would be perfect...just like what you guys have done to admin CP...the layout I mean and prolly add more user level options that way.

If something else comes through my mind...will let you know.

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