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Forum "All Posts Read" behavior

Guest Mark H.

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I've noticed something odd (and a little aggravating, but only a little).

If there are NO new posts that have been MOVED, I can simply march up the list of new posts, read a post, hit back (mouse back or backspace) and the new post icon is greyed out, read the next one, hit back and the new post icon is greyed out, and repeat until all are greyed out (marked as having been read). I can then hit back and the entire forum is now marked as having been read.

However, if a post has been moved, even if I follow the link to read it, and hit back to return to the forum I started, it does NOT mark it as read (there also doesn't appear to be any indication that a moved post is read or not read? It's just the little arrow with no color change, even if I've read it or ignored it).

I have to use the "Mark forum read and return" or the "Mark all posts read and return to index" to get the forum marked as read.

Was this deliberate? If so, why?

It's confusing, and forces extra mouse clicks. (Over time, they DO add up.)


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I have also reported in the past that when topics are moved and a link left at the original location, the unread flags are not set properly. I feel that the moved topics still affect the unread indicator. I now click on the forum indicator to mark all in the forum read.

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