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Guest George Maciver

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Hi and thank you to everyone at IP for all you do to provide us with such a fabulous product. I've been using free boards for quite some time and tried most of them. However, nothing came close to the IP board and since making the decision to purchase a licence from you just a few weeks back and hosting my own board on my own domain, I have nothing but praise for you, and not just for the product itself but also the exceptional after sales service.

From purchase to download to installation to answering queries to product upgrades it's been a pleasure and joy to work with you. I wish you the very best for your future and that it's a long and prosperous one.

Thank you and have a great week!


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While I'm here, an editorial comment for you from the Admin PM section!

Personal Message Statistics

The Statistics Center allows you to view the stats of your forum, ranging from number of number of (delete) PMs to number of Topic Views, and so on.
Note: The statistics generated are based on the information currently held in the database, they do not take into account pruned forums or delete (deleted) posts, etc.

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