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IPB 3 suggestion, more permission options

Guest TrixieTang

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I'd like to see more permission options in IPB 3, mainly the ability to set mod powers for super mods (Like whether they can prune or not. ;)) Also more options for usergroups on a per forum level, as in making forums where anyone can post, but only the thread poster and staff can see the threads.

Also the warning system needs some tinkering if you ask me, ability to increase or decrease it multiple points/percentage in one go, also attaching banning and other punishment so x number warnings or points = an automatic ban... also add a permanently suspend account option and a global ignore so people who keep coming back to troll post all they want and no one ever has to see it. :lol:

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Breaking up the moderator permissions does not sound like a bad idea to me.

The one where the staff and the original poster could see the topic sounds like a support function which is what Nexus has in it. So I don't think that will make its way in.

There should be no reason though for your last two suggestions with permanent banning and global ignore. I think it would be too much of a strain on larger boards for the queries to ignore all posts in a thread by certain users or topics started by certain users. And you can permanently suspend someone right now. You could also ban their IP range and/or email addresses to stop this. So since there are plenty of ways to do this, I wouldn't see any reason unless you care to explain more what you are talking about.

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