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Guest Morrigan

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Well this actually can be accomplished that way but its very messy and tedious to have to do because you have to set up a different permission mask per rank auto promote that you want to give extra permissions to certain things to.

You start to get very scrolly on your permissions setup and you can't use other masks to accomplish it either, you always have to create another mask per thing you want to give them access to.

The only thing I've seen that actually works off of groups, instead of permission masks, is the Gallery and that's helpful but its still messy.

To give an example I have 3 groups to successfully give access to members to certain things on my forum at certain post counts:
Audience promoted at 50 posts to:
Member promoted at 150 posts to:

Audience is default and has limited post starting access as well as no access to certain forums.
Member gives access to those forums and post starting access to the other forums.
Magician is the point that they can start Blogs.

Since Gallery goes off of members group instead of permission masks I didn't need to create another.

This means without any extra masks (which I have for other reasons) I have at least 7 masks that I have to setup for any new thing or forum is added/changed.

Not only is that difficult to sift through but it would be so much easier to have something that, in the forum setup, can access/post at XXX posts then that eliminates at least one mask and group altogether.

I really don't understand why Gallery is setup so differently for permissions but happens to have the easiest permission setup. <_<

I guess I could add into the suggestion to have an ability to view/edit permissions on a group basis. By that I mean that I could choose a group and Allow/deny permissions to forums that way as well as by the forums setup.

So I would choose a Member group and choose Edit permissions/forum permissions and it would give me the list of forums and show me that groups permissions for each and I can modify from there.

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