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We need a better moderating team list. We should be able to create Categories under it, like how it has default of admin, super moderator and moderator, and like how we assign groups forum permission masks, we should be able to assign what group they are showed as in the view forum leaders.
For example, if I make someone arcade staff, and give them access to the arcade in the administration, I want them to appear as "arcade staff" under the moderating team, not as an administrator which it currently displays them as.

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Two for you to look at:

Replaces the standard Moderating Team page in IP.Board with a new page that displays the 'About Me' info for each member of your selected staff groups. You can choose which groups to display on this page, and in what order they display.

Enhanced About Me

This is more what you want though by the sounds of it [ but you pay for this one $15 ]

Re-order Moderating Teams / Groups


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