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Warning System Suggestion

Guest Renita

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If anything I would love to see better integration of the warning system/moderator options. I've seen people suggest the neutral warning, which would be nice, but what I REALLY would find more handy is to stop being re-directed to the forums if I alter someones warning level in both the Gallery and the Blogs.

{membernamehere's} warning level has been adjusted successfully and the action logged.

* Go back to the forum home

Where are the options:

* Return to comment/image
* Return to this member's Blog/comment

And the option in said Blogs to make a warn adjustment on the entry itself and not only the comments? Or even better, allow for easy options to make someone a moderator in Blogs or Gallery without having to give them global permissions on the forums?
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No, to give them the right to use the moderation tools. Or if it already exists, an easier way to figure out how? of course you can give them group based permissions in both, but the use of the warningsystem is a different story.

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If they are specific forum moderators you just set this setting to yes or no:

Can warn other users?

Note, if you enable this moderators will have warn permissions on any users, regardless of forum

It would be nice to only show it to them in their forums only though.
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