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We gota to discuss this site..

Guest newman445

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ok look here


This site forums.d2jsp.org

claims to say it's by paul taulborg(njaguar)

and Im just trying to make sure he's not lying bcz on the web archive it's clearly ipb 1.3

And he has the best mod's installed on that board and the best features ever.. shame he doesnt release them :(

but im just trying to make sure he's not removing copyright bcz he told me he re REWRITTEN IT ALL but imo ipb 1.3 is ipb 1.3 and should respect u and keep the copyright on

why im making this post is bcz im hella jealous @ his mod's and he doesnt release them bcz i need them for my ipb 1.3 board, LOL

so yea tell me what u think -.-

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