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Search for interest field in Member search

Guest Danno 61

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You can search for just about everything listed in users profile in the members search area. Some of these search boxes are probably never used. Messengers being a prime example.

The one thing missing is the ability to search members interests. In 2.1.7 I had to hire a modder to program this for me.

People should have the ability to put a keyword in search for members interest.

In the newest upgrade this has been left out again. (Search in members interest).

Could you add this to 3.0?

Thank you and appreciate everyones hard work.


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I see problems with this though. The main one being the fact that such a query will more than likely return hundreds of results based on just one or two keywords.

There are going to be a lot of people with some keywords in their interest field that could be matched to your search. I see where your coming from by wanting such a function, but im not too sure on its large scale usage.

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