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Some good suggestions for IPB V.3.0

Guest WebbyB

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As lot of suggestions may have been overlooked due to the huge length the suggestions topic I thought i'd write some of my latest suggestions here to see what you think:

Similar Topics
Having Similar Topics listed under the thread, where the ammount to be shown is configured via the Admin control panel.

Auto Email a user on their Birthday
What a really nice touch it would be if in V.3.0 you could build into the functionality the ability for the Forum to Email a user on their birthday. It would be an automated message, I know other forums do this and I think it would be a really nice touch. Also it reminds them about the forum if they have been absent for a while.

Targeted Custom Error Messages
When someone tries to post in a forum or does something they should you always get the error message "You don't have permission to do that" - which is alright in some respects but I think it would help the not so Web-savy people out there, to know why they can't access a forum or do a certain action, for example:

You can't access this forum as you need to validate your account please see the email we sent you or click here contact the administrator. (This could aloso be a or "re-send the activation email").

Thread Tagging
Allows users to Tag threads with related keywords, all keywords would then form a tag cloud. This could have a max cut-off point to stem the growth so it's manageable, again this is definable in the admin panel, including what member groups can tag etc.

Stackable Badges
Badges are a great way to give status to members, but at present it seems you can only assign 1x badge, would you consider giving the option to make badges stackable so if a member of the forum has earnt another status then 2 badges can sit under their username?

Automatic Prefixs for Thread Titles
Say you have a tutorials section or a Question and answers section, it would be great to define a "Topic Title Prefix for each Forum" so anyone that posts within their will automatically add Tutorial - Photoshop Brush Guide or Question - How do I do this?

Automated welcome PM
Configurable via the ACP - on/off - subject - message. So you can send an automated welcome message to everyone that registers to the board. I have to say, ALOT of my members loved it when they joined to get a welcome message, it's such a nice and personal touch. Plus it's good to highlight what the board is about and direct them to interesting forums etc.

Status Updates
Don't suppose you have thought about "Status Updates" - much like Facebook you can quickly update your page with what you are doing, e.g. I'm off to a party tonight or Eeeek I have an Exam tomorrow? - and this message can also sit under your avatar on every post and also within your profile.

Social Groups
Ability to create/join a group..all done via your members control panel/profile

Profile Area Thumbnail sizes!
This would actually be VERY helpful!... You can specifiy the image post thumbnail size for posts within the ACP. Trouble is these sizes apply for the posts within a users profile... Can I suggest one of the follow please.

1. Disable images/attachments showing altogether within a users profile (under the posts and topics tab)


2. Have a spearate option that allows you to spicify the dimensions of image attachments within a user profile area, that way it keeps the integrety of the boards layout

When sending in HTML format, to have the ability to specify what to display if the user has HTML disabled would be VERY beneficial. At present if it's disable on the email client then it's going to display the HTML code. which can really turn members off and may cause them to unsubscribe and even report as spam...

The ability to create a "Poll Only" thread also a "keep votes private" option aswell.

As you are into SEFURL's and SEO, can you also think about a Sitemap generator?

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I agree with some like the Topic prefixes but I know there is a way (already) to create Poll Only but it would be nice to have secret votes as I think that would help with integrity on my forum.

I've been suggesting Social/Clubs for a while so I agree with that one.

I think automated PMs and emails would be great, it would be awesome to just be able to setup events that auto PMs or auto emails the member (Post counts, birthday events, calender events and so forth. This would also give extra meaning to the calender which doesn't presently exist.

Thread tagging CAN be good but just as useless if it isn't utilized.

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Again, all good ideas - can we also have a live chat room that can be added. I know there are 3rd parties that do these but it would be nice feature if Invision could supply it as an add on. Quite happy to pay a subscription for it too.


Definately agree on this too. I don't like parachat.
I feel far more comfortable knowing I'm using IPS
add-ons. Quality is a big issue for me, and IPS
delivers every time without fault.
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I would like to see a throttled mass email option. Most forums are on shared hosts that limit the amount of emails sent per hour. It would be nice to have an option that would only send x number of emails (when sending a mass email, not regular board functions) per minute/5 mins/15 mins/...etc.

For example: my webhost only allows 200 emails per hour. When my board membership reaches over 200 members, I won't be able to send out a newsletter to all 'my people' at once. I'll have to either only send to a few at a time or seek out other options (like using phplist).

Just a suggestion...

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[b]Some really great ideas!

[/b]After reading all that, now I feel I'm

going to be dissappointed if we don't

see those additions. You just painted

the picture of a dream forums. lol :)

Couldn't agree more!
Really great suggestions! (w00t) :thumbsup:
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lulz. Let's not spam too much.

People will start to ignore welcome PMs, especially if they're default. I don't see all those email features as needed...and the welcome PM sends an email too...

I don't know, I can really see forum owners over doing it with emails.
I'd glady mark them as spam (most people don't know they can turn off emails from the forum admin).

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There should be a notice to the member that his new topics/posts need to be approved by a moderator before it is visible. Often times, members have no clue why their posts/topics doesn't show up. Auto send a PM when their topics are approved.

Allow BBcode to be used in topic titles, useful when you want a topic to be noticed. This is possible with vB, I've seen topic titles font sizes bigger than the others.

Also, would be nice to show how many days remaining on a member's moderation preview and how many days since put on preview. The warn system needs a big overhaul.

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I hope I can post this...

Something I have been wanting to see on the board is the ability for multiple attachment uploads.

It can be very time consuming uploading one attachment at a time and I would think it would be a (relatively) easy feature to include.

I hope it can rate some consideration, :)

Thank you

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