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Persistent Language Mods for IPB 3.0 pleeeeeeeeease

Guest liquidfractal

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As per Keith's reminder, I just wanted to post this in a separate topic so it stands a better chance of being read. :D


I know I've raved on about this somewhere before:


I would really love an interface where we could manage our customized language updates and keep them INTACT between updates!! :(

I really don't look forward to updating Forums and then having to go back and edit the English language mod and correct all the shortcomings in the language. All due respect to the folks at Invision, but the small but quirky, quasi-sort-of-but-not-really academic literature-sympathetic nature of my Forums means I want the tone of the language to be the same.

So I'd love a way to store my changes independent of any updates made to the Board version. Maybe a layout to show which language values have been customized and which aren't/which are NEW and need to be customized?

Apart from that, I love the Forums package and look forward to all the nice juicy new changes that seem to be on the horizon! :cool:

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Just use the change-log (code-diff) to see which language files were changed and what was added. Normally the new bits of language strings will be placed at the top of the file with a corresponding '// 2.3.x' version number.

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I was thinking about this a while ago

There is already *some* interface for making lang edits - however, it could be made a lot easier.

It would be nice if it was easier to manage and keep them up to date.

I was thinking that on upgrade it should detect if you have any languages installed other than the default English, and then if it does, ask you for translations of the new bits and automatically add them in.
Perhaps that would be easier if language bits were database stored...

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