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IPB 1.3

Guest icez

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Since I don't speak German I can't be sure, but are you distributing IPB 1.3.1 at that site?

I thought that was forbidden.

Nah, you can't download IPB 1.3.x from that site, there are only some modifications to make IPB 1.3.x to work with MySql 5 and some "enhancements mods" for hardening it's security .... :)

@icez: Better you buy IP.Board instead using some very old versions of it, 1.3 have some security holes.
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Ah, ok. Never mind then. :D

I actually visited that and a dozen other sites last night, trying to find out why my Host's upgrade to PHP 5 "broke" an old (but legitimate) 1.3.1 Forum on which I'm an Admin.

Turns out all I needed to do was add that "handler" line in .htaccess and all the problems were fixed. Phew!

But the owner of the site now realizes how important it is to upgrade, so IPS should have a new customer in the near future. Yippee!

1.3.1 is nice, and is easy to Moderate and Admin, but working on it is a pain since there's no support anymore.


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Well, I have a 1.3 install file that I don't mind sharing if it's legal to give it to anyone :)

To be honest, I don't see why not. It was a bummer to upgrade from 1.3 to 2.3.5, too true, but when I wanted to "test the waters" about the new forum idea, I sure wasn't wanting to spend quite some dollars for a forum that might end up with thick layers of dust :P There seriously are a lot of moments in which you want to run a forum "free" before actually making the commitment to buying the upgrade.

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Yes. It voids your license agreement.

# permit other individuals to use the Software except under the terms listed above

[b]# distribute the Software

# distribute individual copies of files, libraries, or other programming material in the Software package[/b]

# distribute or modify proprietary graphics, HTML, or CSS packaged with the Software for use in Software applications other than Invision Power Board or web sites without written permission from IPS

# modify the software to function in more than instance or location (URL, domain, subdomain, etc.) from a single set of source program files unless each location is separately licensed

The final word I think was it was ok to use 2.0 and down IF you downloaded them back when it was free. But downloading them now or distributing any IPB regardless of version is not legal.
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To clarify...

If you downloaded 2.0 Trial or earlier versions from our site when they were available, you are completely free under the license agreement at the time to use the software yourself. You may not distribute the software, and using copies of the software downloaded from anywhere other than our site is in violation of the license agreement (thus you cannot download 1.3 from somewhere else now and legally use it).

We no longer offer these versions for download. As a result, if you don't already have 1.3/2.0/etc. downloaded, you would be required to purchase and use our latest version.

1.3 has many security holes, php/mysql compatibility issues, and is no longer supported. If you are looking to use IPB, make the jump and use 2.3. ;)

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