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Suggestion: utf-8 native

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Since there are a lot more characters then the a-z alphabet the utf-8 option should be the natural selection, with a legacymode for those not dealing with the utf-8.

This since more and more softwares use utf-8, since it solves most problems with characters. Later upgrade to utf-16 is natural if needed, don't know to much about it.


I am having problems now that would not exist if it was utf-8. Even if I am the one who are doing everything wrong, it is because there always is questions if it will work or not. I had this struggle with vBulletin before and now I am having it again.

And if you want people to switch to ipb from phpbb or smf, there is that charset problems again. Joomla is utf-8 so if you import stuff from the forum it looks bad. RSS feeds looks crappy because of different charsets and so on...

vBulletin 4 will be utf-8, they have said at least. So what about IPB 3?

Would this be interesting or am I the only one wanting this. In a global world everyone should be able to communicate without using ä


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IPS will provide a "character set conversion tool" to convert old "iso-8859-1" databases to "utf-8"?

No, this isn't something we will be providing.

Edit - to clarify - this isn't something we plan on providing. I don't want to say "won't be" because things change, but this isn't really within the realm of our software.
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Firstly, to note, you can easily change the global charset to utf-8 in your ACP - it's a single setting.

Setting that aside, IPB 3 will ship with utf-8 as the default charset.

Will the db driver also do mysql_set_charset("utf8"); or mysql_query("SET NAMES 'utf8'"); ? IPB 2.0 doesn't do that and it results in some messed up characters in the database even if you set it to utf-8 in the ACP and the collation of the db tables are set to utf8.
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