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Way to have the RTE inherit skin CSS or edit in ACP


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I was curious if in the next version of IPB, if there could be some way that its easier to modify the RTE that doesn't so extremely impact my ACP?

In order to make the flow of my site work I obviously have to edit the CSS on a lot of things and that includes editing the RTE CSS. In doing so I make it difficult to do things in the ACP. The reason for this is I have a realtively darker site and I edit the input backgrounds so they don't blare against the dark backgrounds and colors but, since the RTE CSS is standalone it adversely affects my ACP. It causes the dark background for most input fields except when you are actively in it (meaning that while I'm typing in the field I see a white background with text almost matching) so I can hardly tell what I am typing.

I'm probably one of like three people that has this problem but I think it would be helpful, at least to me, if the RTE inherited the forum skin a little more.

I think this would also help for making the RTE match all skins instead of perhaps just one single default one and also if it becomes more centralized (and utilizes the ACP to modify the CSS for it) then we don't have to go file diving to find and edit the thing to match the skin.

Just a thought.

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