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What's new in IP.Board 2.3.5?

Guest joelle

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Un-Official Message: Bug Fixes.

  • PM Block List Bug
  • Slow Portal Plugin MySQL Query (Last X Topics), creates very high load. (I am including my fix)
  • Fatal error sources/action_public/search.php (~221)
  • Ignored users on Outline topic view mode
  • Javascript error in downloaded topic containing attachments
  • Inbox and Sent Items
  • Duplicate entry in lang_profle
  • Poor documentation on adding PHP in template bits
  • Topic Notifications - invalid notifications
  • Registration Error: Password lengths
  • Converged board - Password was too long
  • Help Topics Not using Help Topic Title in browser title
  • Incorrect integer value, remove member photo
  • Rating strict mode
  • forum jump not in session location
  • Incorrect age
  • CAPTCHA - Click to get new image
  • Full and Quick Edit - Reason for edit
  • Removing country doesn't work(Profile)
  • Admincp Logs bug
  • Personal Photo too large, incorrect error
  • Post link generation in topics with invisible posts (for users who can't see invisible posts)
  • Settings with selecting root admin
  • etc...

We should wait for IPS News update :)
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There are very few "features".

There is the new about me page (and the ability for admins to edit a member's about me page from the ACP).
There's a setting to force uploads to a specific server (this is useful for those who have load-balanced web servers - you can then use rsync to replicate the files properly).
"View My Blog" and "View My Albums" links in the member name dropdowns (topic view, announcements, pm's, memberlist and calendar events).
Bug fixes marked for 2.3.5 from bug tracker.

This will be more clearly identified with the release announcement once ready.

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About Me is pretty good. Now I can get rid of a signature mod I was using. Nice. I also like that it goes to that by default instead of topics.

by the way, is having the about me as default the reason profiles are loading faster?

I am guessing this will be released when blog is considered bug-free enough to release along with it? Would gallery also havea new release or has it been too short of a time since the last one?

I always thought it was nice when everything would release simultaneously.

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