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This might sound wierd but after heavilly participating in the Blog & Gallery topics I was thinking that it would be really cool to have an option in acp to decide which IP.Product will represent the index/home page.

Right now we have IP.Portal and even it doesn't have a setting for acting as main site page even though it's named a portal. So to furthur exploit the idea... I thought it would be cool for board owners to choose which product ie Blog, Gallery, Portal or Board will act as the main page of the site.

For example if my site is mainly gallery related but I have the board available for comments then of course I would like to present the gallery first.

Another would be the portal... Traditionally it should represent the site first especially in the breadcrumb trail acting as the new portal without the need of redirects.

Blog the new version is really taking on much needed social concept and is aggressively utilizing the gallery component to it's full advantage right now which just leave the forums and how to pull it into the blogs? I think that if groups & private groups were added to IPB 3.0 or Blog 2.0 then of course I would like to choose blog as my sites index and promote the groups and forum from within the blog system

So you see the idea has a very practical use and I'm sure the portal method has been overly asked for but I just thought I expand on the concept a little to make it even more a hot suggestion.

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This is a good idea, but a tricky one. ;)

Which page is loaded determines which caches to load (plus settings). So at the point we determine which page we are going to load, settings have not yet been loaded from the ACP....this means that we wouldn't know what you wanted to set as default.

We could load settings separately, but this would result in an extra db query just to get the settings. Thus, kind of tricky (from a technical standpoint).

The concept is something we've thought about internally.

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