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Need help Renewing one of my old Licenses

Guest N.U.

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First off sorry if this is the wrong forum. However I wasn't sure where to post this.

I would like to renew one of my IP.Boards so that I can get upgrades for it and open a new site. As I have three of them (all expired) One of them is very much still active, the other two I'm merging together (even know the one has been closed for some time). I don't want to have to renew all three of them to get the one I want like I did last time. Its a waste of money on my part. When I login it only shows them by their ID's which I have no idea which is which. I remember that you where able to label them by a name, so that you knew which one was which. But once it goes inactive that feature seemed to disappear and only show the ID. I was hoping one of the staff could help me out on which one is which. I email billing a few days ago asking this very same question and they haven't responded yet. Any help would be a great.

Again sorry for posting this is the wrong forum, couldn't find any other forum to post and the peer-to-peer is locked, I guess as I don't have a active board License now.

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Do you need technical support?

You can obtain support via the client area, or you can try to obtain peer-to-peer support at IPS Beyond.

Did you find a bug in IP.Board?

If you believe you've found a bug please post it to the bug tracker.

Have a suggestion or feedback?

Post it here. Thanks!

Submit a ticket in your client center or make a new-letter to: billing@invisionpower.com
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