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Inherit permissions from parent forum/category

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Every time I create subforum(s) or forum(s) within a category, I often have to set the same permissions over and over again. My forum has a lot of different permission masks, and there are a whole lot of things I need to check off.

I think it would be great if setting permissions manually was optional, and there was an alternative of "inherit permissions from immidiate parent forum/category" option (or perhaps a drop down menu to chose which parent or which forum/category to inherit from). Ideally checking this would just check off everything you have checked in the immidiate parent forum or category, and then allow you to make whatever changes you see fit. However, I'm not sure if there's a good practical way of doing that, so I'd be content with a simple checkmark that would replace the 'setting permissions' stage altogether, and I could come back and tweak the permissions to my liking after creating the forum.

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