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Few things i hope that will be added by the time 3.0 comes out

Guest Vince G.

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I know some of those were already requested before but i just wanted to make sure.
I hope that IPS staff takes the modification authors and contributers into consideration since they take a big part of IPS general successes. I mean they are the one who enhance the board further then what it's already have.

So i was thinking of those to make 'our' (Modifications Authors) lifes easier and by that making yours (IPS's) easier.

So here is a quick list i thought while using IPB.

* Components System - Great, Awesome thing to have. Makes coding so much easier and less file edits. One thing is missing tough it's small but still.. ability to re order the components links without the need of manually editing the entire components links menu. I mean sometimes i missed a menu link and then i have to manually re order them which kinda sucks.

* Templates - Really extensive template class and really nice one too, Love the HTML logic you have put into it but there are few things missing when it comes to templates.
* Currently we can use <if> <else /> </if> Would have been nice to have <if=""> <elseif="" /> </if> since sometimes those kind of things prevents a file edit.
* Ability to use Switch codes inside templates is a plus. (not that it matters but would nice to have a switch code in certain occasions)
* Including a template inside a template - this would save up a lot of time by ability to call a template within another template.
* Including sources files or any other php files inside the templates.

* BBcodes - Ability to use PHP in the custom bbcodes. For some reason that's not available yet with this extensive custom bbcode class. Sometimes and i do mean rarely occasions i would want to use some PHP in the custom bbcodes either in the bbcode replacement or in another field that will be called when the bbcode activated. doing so we can call in information from various sources into the bbcode.

That's what i have so far, Any one else that thought of any other helpful thing please share with us.

Edit: Another thing i remember Brandon said while back still when IPSB was active that IPS were thinking of a way to reward the people who contribute to the IPS team, I haven't heard a word about that since. Any news about that? Not that i am after something i just wanted to know if that idea is still under thoughts or was left alone back then.


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