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[suggestion] Show Online/Offline status next to names of "Forum-L

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Suggestion #1: Online / Offline Status...
Sure, there's a nice "Forum Led By:" showing us all the moderators. *BUT*, how about show their online status as well.


Suggestion #2: Show "Forum Led By:" moderators INSIDE the forum as well. You know where the the topic icon legend is... yeah... show the "Forum Led by:" moderators right around there... and also indicate their online status.


Benefit: This will make contacting the RIGHT moderators easier for members. I've had too many users send PMs to inactive moderators, or moderators that just went offline an hour ago and won't login for another day.


(You may be saying, "Why don't you just colorize the forum-led-by moderators on your active user list????" and my response: We've tried that already. Horrible results. Somebody would show up as a nice bolded name on the active user list, but they'd only have moderator permissions only on one forum! (so, users will contact a bolded name, only to find out that they're not even in-charge of the forum they have a problem with).
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+1 for suggestion #1.

I think that would be a good addition to that section. I too, over the years, have had people complaining of never getting replies quick-enough from our staff members, mainly because they just look at the 'Forum Leaders' section and PM an offline staff member. This could solve that problem or at least lower its occurrence :)

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Well that could be taken into account. Just like the online list. If your signed in anonymously, the code executed to display your online status in this area could be made to take that into account...

Yep, ++ to that.


I was imagining a sort of gradient depending on the 'last active time'. If the background is white, and gradient will be like:

Bob , John , Alan, Martha , Mike

^ so, it's clear that Bob is the one that's last active.
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