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Hi guys,

I had a problem after someone from invision upgraded my gallery.

There are two tickets one regarding the problema and one regarding my complaint.

Both have been flagged for the attenion of managment now for 4 days.

Considering one is flagged poor serivce I would have thought someone would take a look at it - not to fix the problem but to put the client i.e. me at ease - not just some automaterd reply.

You have a good product - no argument there

For simple questions - the support service if fine and sometimes fantastic

For technical problems, gliches - well to be honest is totally depends on who is answering your post and if they have had time to read the hostory of the problem - but IME it is farely poor.

I understand that communication os a 2 way street, but 4 days guys is not on.

There needs to be a system where complaints or problems can be escalted and the customer gets a quick reassurance (from real people) that the matter is being considered.

Thats my suggestion for a great product.

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  • Management

Mr. Stewart, please note that our office is closed on weekends. If you require the immediate attention of a member of management during business hours, it's best to phone our office, if convenient for you. We as management deal with a great number of e-mails, tickets and other electronic requests/communication - as much as we'd like to, we're unable to provide immediate responses.

With that said, while I appreciate your concern and frustration, your issue was answered within a matter of minutes. In the last response, the technician explained the fact that the member you referenced created two galleries - this does/did not appear to be part of or due to the upgrade process. You then had follow-up questions and within an hour of asking them you asked a staff member via the forums to remove that ticket from tech support and move it to management. Of course, our technical support team is unable to assist you if your ticket is removed from their view. :) As management, we're unable to assist from a technical standpoint beyond routing your request back to where it started -- technical support. In regards to your concern relating to the level of support you've received, I'm happy to discuss that with you in your ticket.

As this is more of a specific incident - we will continue discussion via your ticket. Should you have any further questions and concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me - we're happy to help when given the opportunity to do so. :)

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