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Getting a new OS, any thoughts on which is best?

Guest Wondering Soul

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Hey :)

I've just recently bought another server for a business im running with a friend (plus a few other sites) and I decided to experiment with some of the different Operating Systems! In the past (and still on my main server) I have always ran Red Hat Linux and never really felt the need to change but with this new server im looking to do just that :)

So, I narrowed it down to these:

Ubuntu, CentOS, Gentoo, Debian, Fedora and Suse

Im basically looking for some thoughts about which you prefer and why really, just so I know what's what about each :)

Thanks =)

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Ubuntu, though, when you say most people prefer, are you talking about server or desktop? I don't see many servers identifying themselves as running Ubuntu while doing support. I'd definitely stay away from FreeBSD. I know there are fans out there, but it seems to behave quite different than most other versions of Linux.

We use CentOS on our servers if it's of any help.

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