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invisionpower.com & login.ipslink.com not working properly

Guest Jesper

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I've lost my password to the client area of http://www.invisionpower.com , cause I forgot to type it down on paper when I changed it today.

The site I am trying to log in at is http://www.invisionpower.com/index.php?&am...gin&do=form
and the error I am getting from the lost password recovery form at http://login.ipslink.com/index.php?act=reg...=lost_pass_form is :
"Error There was a problem sending the email. Please contact an administrator for assistance."

When I click on the "Contact Us" link at the Converge page, fills out the form and submits the email then I am getting the very same error as above.

I am using Firefox on Linux, but I have also tried on my WindowsXP PC with MSIE7

Please fix this as soon as possible, thank you.

Kind regards
Sr. Admin @ www.tidesofwar.net

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Hi Brandon,

Thank you for the fast reply, yes the email is now sent to me with the instructions on how to proceed, however now I am getting a new error:
"An authentication error occured. Your member account has NOT been validated."
I have tried both the direct link and by entering the ID and key manually

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