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IPB Board should become more like vBulletin...

Guest kakar

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*Thinks carefully about how to phrase this without making it troll-food*

Personally I don't like vBulletin. Obviously, otherwise I would be a vBulletin customer.
However, it's important to remember that IPB and vBulletin are different products and they have different markets - while I would never use vBulletin myself, I can understand why some people would.

Suggesting that one should be more like another is just silly. They both have their own benefits and drawbacks - if IPB became more like vBulletin (or vice versa) we'd just have two identical products.

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IP.Board should become more like phpBB
IP.Board should become more like UBB
IP.Board should become more like {what you want here}

IP.Board is IP.Board. Not another software. If you want some features, you can make suggestions. But saying that "IP.Board should become more like vBulletin" sounds like "IP.Board should become the same as vB"...

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I'll try to put this delicately ...

If you want to use vBulletin, by all means, go ahead. Their software is indeed a great product.

The problem is, not everyone wants the same thing. We have features they don't, and vice versa. Our software works differently behind the scenes from their software. Our marketing is different, license structures are different, pirating policies and follow up are different, and so on.

I personally don't feel two companies should ever try to be just like each other. Sure, there are often times we have a feature that their users request, or vb has a feature that our users request. It's the nature of software development. We won't go out and look at VB and try to copy something they have. But of course if a user comes here requesting a feature that happens to be in vb (either unwittingly, or because they saw it and liked it), we do take these requests into serious consideration while working on new versions of the software.

That said, I don't think we will ever "try to be like vBulletin". Just like they are not likely to try to be like us. It's called competition. :) In the end, you (the users) benefit from it. :)

If you have specific requests (i.e. "I want a feature that does xyz") please feel free to post them. I don't think this particular topic will serve much purpose itself however.

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i am new to IPB and used vBulletin since years. I really love vB, but ran a site, i use scripts from different 3rd Parties and after looking at IPS, i saw that nearly all things i need and want come "out of the box" from IPS in the Community Suite (ok, there is no ReviewSystem, but Reviewpost is able to use the IPB-Usertables :D )

This site should be informal and don't needs many "Toyfunctions" - also for the needs of this site, i like the IPB-Style better.

Most important thing: I don't want to wait for some other 3rd-Parties to update... So if IPS says: Here you have a new Beta, and its compatible with blogs, gallery, OK - if it's not, i will wait.

Technical, both products are well supported... I also will continue to use both. I also ran a website, there i only need a forum and some mods, so it's ideal for a vBulletin in my eyes.

You see: As stated someone above: It's always to the customer, what he likes and needs.

I love both (w00t)

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IPB Board should become more like vBulletin..

Why vb? Is vb GOD of Community softwares? NO is not . Just I say you many people Dont khnow features of IPB and Starting First with phpbb and othe like product but after some time Changing the System. At first time I'm Phpbb user then VBuser and test many forums. I say you IPB dont need to be like other product because IPB is really PROFESSIONAL & Clean , SPECIAL admin cp. Just look at the VB admin cp .
But i have suggestion : IPS most more support the MOD Creators of IPB.
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VB has some nice features in the Admin side rather than the front end that I would like to see...Invision had the Advanced user profile and blogs before VB did, even the way VB now has it's members profiles with the tabbing is very similar to Invision has it. You could honestly pick similarities all day. Though it would be folly for Invision not to keep an eye on VB's developments and vice versa as it's smart business to watch over the competition to see their developments.

I love Invision to be honest with you and so do my members, my only really niggle is that I wish there was more attention to SEO, perhaps that would be a great selling point?? VBSEO is such a great product and really enhances VB, Crawlability (the poeple behind VBSEO) have no plans to make an Invision module which kinda sucks, plusi'm not to keen on the products out there already. What is Interesting is why has VB got such an extensive following of Modules, plugins and customisations? I'm surprised IPB hasn't amassed the same to an equal extent, nether the less IPB is my Fav' and i'll be sure to continue using it!

Ya know if you see features you like in VB i'm sure if the demand is high enough those ideas may very well be implemented if deemed worthy.

And...as always, i'm looking forward to hearing what's planned for the next release.


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IPB Board should become more like vBulletin...

Like their features, mods, alot of functions through acp, functions through the board.. etc.

Its just my opinion.


"IPB Board"? What product is this?

Oh, You wanted to say:
"IP.Board" should become more like IP.Board, right?

/thread :lol:

Oh yes, and just to be more clear, please GOD NO! Vb is so bloat that it
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