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Does the ticketing system work for me?

Guest Mr. Grizzly

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Try emailing them, the forum isn't really to ask directly like mainstream support on the website is.

...but somehow the forum is a good place to find out whether the submission method was ok or not.

If the ticket is not listed via the client center, then it was not submitted properly. You do have to click submit a second time after reviewing the KB articles.

Ok. I can't see my ticket in the client center. I will emai them because the KB doesn't have solution fo my problem.
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Oh my God!!!
Now I know what was the problem with ticket sending!!!!!

I think in an other way than IPS. When I filled out the ticket in my area and sent I thought that it was sent. BUT IPS just directed me on the KB page. Now I relaised that I got to resend (!!!) my ticket at the bottom of the page. :wacko:

Why I haven't seen it sooner? Because I had already read through all the KB area for a solution and just sent my ticket after I hadn't found any info!

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This calls for a larger message on that screen indicating that your ticket has not yet been sent.

To be honest though, I've always found those "your ticket hasn't been sent. Please review these only slightly related to not at all related articles first" screens patronising and condescending. I like my datacentre's approach, whereby while typing out your ticket it populates suggestions in a box to the right of the compose ticket screen, but still submits the ticket the instant you click submit.

I don't like being second guessed by a computer when it's completely and utterly wrong ;)

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