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My Recommendations for Next version or Future Versions of IPB

Guest MarcS

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I have been using the IPB board since 2.1.7 and i have seen alot of changes happen and i have been impressed with the latest releases especially 2.2 & 2.3 series.

what i would like to see is like expantions on profiles. like you can do more to a profile maybe change colour of it new design, Modules you can add like Music module video module in built. but this release being an PLUS expanation package like ders an basic and with an expanation packages you can do alot more and make it more of a "myspace or Profile Heaven Community"

I have a test forum on site where i am always messing about with the "profile looks" adding my own cool features just experiment and work on what can be done and changed without messings the board up

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Okay if we are thinking about social networking, our we thinking of it as terms of a bulltin board or an actual Social network software like Myspace for example.

They're both social networking software.

MySpace is a personal-based social networking tool.
IPB is a community-based social networking tool.

If not social networking, what the hell is IPB!?
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