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Encode 3.0

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My head is spinning. :)

I'll sum this up:

1. There's no decision on partial encoding of IPB 3 at this point. If it is to be done, it will most certainly have minimal, if any impact on modifications and there will be a host of options available for various server configurations.

2. Nexus and likely future products will be encoded to the point that any licensing schemes put in place can't be simply removed by editing the source and proceeding as normal. This will also have minimal, if any impact on modifications as the API and hooks systems in Nexus are very powerful.

3. We're aware that encoding and any other IP protection methods used are not 100% - the goal is not to eliminate piracy (an unattainable goal) but to reduce and minimize it.

I'm going to close this as I think it's had a good run, feedback has been provided and responded to and it's really going nowhere from here.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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