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Some Questions for Current IPB Customers

Guest bodhicoyote

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Hi all,

I'm planning to launch a new adult content board in the near future. I'm not sure what plugins, etc. I should get when I purchase the IPB software, so I hope to get feedback from current IPB customers before talking to a sales rep. Here's the criteria for the board:

  • I expect to have approx 10,000 users to start on an adult content board, I hope to expand quickly via aggressive marketing (no spamming, just Google Adsense and banner exchanges :) ). Eventual membership up to 300,000-500,000 not unrealistic, from what I've seen on other adult content boards.
  • Due to the adult nature of the board, it will need to be easy for me and the mods to spot and temp/perma-ban ToS violators (people posting CP or copyrighted images/videos).
  • Besides the forums, I want to provide members their own homepages and blogs.
  • Free membership will allow viewing and up/down-loading of images.
  • Paid subscription will allow viewing and up/down-loading of videos.

As you've probably guessed, I've never administered an online forum. Unfortunately, the guy who does know this end of the project bailed out on me yesterday. However, I do have good software skills so I'm going to teach myself how to do this. Any and all advice and comments will be very much appreciated.

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I recommend you run through these:

IP.Board 2.3 General Documentation
Documentation for IP.Board version 2.3 is currently available to download in PDF format. Other formats will be made available in the near future. pdf_icon.gif Download IP.Board 2.3 Documentation
2.86Mb - PDF Format

IP.Board 2.3 Getting Started Guide
The getting started guide provides an overview for novice users on a new installtion to setup an example board. pdf_icon.gif Download IP.Board 2.3 Getting Started Guide
691Kb - PDF Format

Other documentations can be found here: http://www.invisionpower.com/community/boa...umentation.html

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It seems like IPB with the IP. Blog plugin would be best for you.
If you plan on using the gallery plugin rather than having members post images/videos in the forums (which is what the gallery feature is for) then you might be interested in the Community Suite license which includes Board, Blog and Gallery for $250 and $25 optional renewal every 6 months (a saving of $15 and $50 every year)

I'm sure it will be, but IPB only allows legal content. See license agreement.

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