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Mark All Post As Read [2.3.4] Not Working

Guest bullboykennels

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If I visit the webiste as a Guest and I click on 'Mark All Post As Read' located near the end of the forum it does not mark any of the post as read, it still shows them as NEW posts. This is only happening on version 2.3.4 as it did not do this on the previous version of 2.3.3 any ideas as to why this is happening.

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It's becuase for 3 straight releases now they have been messing with that area of coding. I really wish it would get taken care of becuase each version has some form of read/unread error still.

1. post this in the bug tracker.
2. I just confirmed it is indeed a true bug.

Does it do it as a member? If not then I am guessing it will be an easy fix...

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