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Better Email Handling


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In my opinion IPB should have better email handling for bulk email and regular emails such as subscription notifications.

More and more mail servers are placing limits on the amount of emails received per domain per hour or per day and if this is breached then it will blacklist or mark as SPAM all emails from that domain for a certain amount or time or indefinitely. A great feature would be to limit the sending of mails per hour per domain, a setting which can be edited in the Admin CP.

Eg. If the next email in the queue is from the domain bob.com and 100 emails (Setting in Admin CP) have been sent to this domain this hour (Setting), then skip the next email in the mailer queue and process the next one so that other emails in the queue won't be affected.

I know you can just limit the amount of bulk emails and the amount of emails sent per board view except if you have a large amount of email addresses from Yahoo, Hotmail and other small mail providers the other emails from different domains will be affected.

Also I think ALL board emails (Subscription notification, PM notifications) needs to be sent via the Bulk Email Cycling task. Of course a limit on the amount of non-bulk emails per cycle needs to be added as an Admin CP setting. I know you can define this by editing the amount of emails IPB sends in the mailer PHP files. (Currently 5 on each board view) Except if you're having 200 members online at a time then this is quite hard to control.

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