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Improve Statistics - add "Number of active members"

Guest General_Zhaoyun

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Under the "statistics" in the Admin control panel, there is the no. of registered member (illustrating new membership signed up), no. of posting, topics viewed, no. of PM etc.

But it doesn't show "number of active members" on a per day, monthly or yearly basis. As an administrator of my forum, I would like to measure 'no. of active members' per day/monthly/yearly (those who login). It might help if there is also a "number of active posting members" per day (those who participate in posting).

This is a measurement of the 'performance' of a forum, i.e. how active members are your forum.

My suggestions are as follow:

1. I suggest that "no. of active members" to be included in the statistics data in the next upgrade or in IPB 3. This will measure the 'activeness' of a forum (i.e. a measure of the amount of discussion activity)

2. I also suggest a "Average Posting Rate" (i.e. average no. of posts per member for a forum - total number of posts divided by total number of members) to be included under the statistics as a measure of "productivity output" of a forum (i.e. how productive your forum is in terms of generating posts)

3. I also suggest "Total Number of Threads" and "Total Number of Replies" to be included in the statistics data. Currently, I'm calculating it manually. "Total Number of Threads" represent the "total input of topics" while "total number of replies" represent the "total output of response". Currently, "total number of topics" day/per month/year is available, but there is no "total number of replies".


Response Rate (also known as Interativeness) = Total Number of Replies/Total Number of Threads (i.e. average no. of replies/thread)

Response Rate (Interactivenss) is thus a performance measure of how the interactive your forum is or how much response to discussion in a forum (i.e. whether there is any replies to your input thread). A high response rate will mean that there are alot of responses to a forum discussion (a high discussion activity), whereas a low response rate means there are lots of 'threads' but very few or low replies (it might indicate the forum is rather 'quiet')

Hope to see some improvement in the statistics.

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