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Can't submit ticket

Guest Grave Digger

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Permissions are synced on log in. Make sure you are using the same email address as you do in the client area, and try logging out and back in.
Or, login to the client area then visit login.ipslink.com and click the company forums link.

If none of that works, submit a ticket, but make sure it goes through - there is a confirmation screen.

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I am having this same issue. I don't understand it as I am a customer, and have been so since 2006. :( My board license is valid and not expired. I don't understand.

I thought I'm alone :blush:

You have to log in here with the same email address as you use in client centre .. that should in theory log you in as a customer then

Everything is the same user / pass :rolleyes:

When you submit a ticket there is a confirmation screen before it goes through.

Ticket #452384

Confirmation screen is a long way underneath the KB page :devil:
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