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How to move db to new server?

Guest yacenty

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Well, generally...on your db server uninstall anything you don't need, then tweak my.cnf to allow MySQL to max out it's available resources. Make sure things like reporting (awstats) and email are turned off since they won't be used.

Export your db from the current server and then import it into the new db server. Your host will likely handle this part for you.

Then update your conf_global.php on your forums to change the sql_host to point to the new server

That's effectively all there is to it for IPB.

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the second machine - for db will work with www and other stuff but recently I;ve seen load on average 0.01.
There is few really small sites but machine is x2 5600+, 4gb ram and sata 400GB hdd

I think it would be better to move db then because now I have load on this machine 4-5 when I get over 400users - I know CSEO takes some resources but in general it's worth to have it on the board :)
thanks for Your advices.


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