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My forum seems to be gone?

Guest leviathanss

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I'm not sure why, but my forum seems to be gone. I'll explain what happened. I had just logged in to my admin control panel, when all of the sudden, my virus scanner detected a virus. (Not sure if this is related to my forum)
Anyway. I took care of the virus, but when I tried to go back to my forum, I recieved a "page can not be dispayed" error. At first, I thought it could be server load. So I decided to check on things within cpanel. Guess what? When trying access cpanel, I get the same "page can not be displayed" error.
Now I'm starting to become worried, as I did hear rumblings of a possible virus outbreak on some servers (iirc)

URL- www.sharpshooterv1.com

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Very sorry. The two previous tickets were not sent. That was completely my fault. I made a very stupid mistake when I pressed the submit button.
Now that my stupidity is out of the way, I did submit a ticket (that went through) about a minute ago.
Again...I apologize for the stupidity. But the forum is still gone, if anybody want to look in to it.

Ps. The fast response is much appreciated.
Charles. I am going to pm you, but it's about another issue you may be able to help me with.

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