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Question About Assistance In Moving To Another Host

Guest RobVT

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I have been on Bluehost for a year and I have to tell you it has been horrible. The dreaded CPU quota error that so many complain about has bit me. Because of this I am being forced to go back to my old host. I did not like their Customer Service but I never got these annoying errors. So with that being said, I am not fully comfortable moving all these files and DB for my forum over to the other host.

So are there any guys here that would be interested in doing it. I can tell you the site total is about 15gb to move.

I am just not comfortable moving these files and something with the DBs getting hosed with my board. And the files on the current server that I need.

So I just thought I would check before starting down this path. I would be happy to pay for assistance and if this is the wrong place for this thread will a moderator please move.


Looking to move around end of December

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I'd contact sales to be sure. I believe it covers moving everything over, though with a site that size we need SSH if I'm not mistaken. Just email sales@invisionpower.com and ask. :) I'm a lowly developer, so I don't always know the details of what we do in other areas completely.

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