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Automatizing Server Backups

Guest Solomon

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I set the Cron Jobs (Advanced) in my CPanel to make backups each day, each week and each month, at a certain time and added an email address where the Cron Output ought to be sent. I am not getting any information nor is the Cron Job making any backups as it is supposed to. Am I doing something wrong ?

Is there a way to automatically generate a full backup and then store it on my computer without having to manually make one and then download it to a backup drive on my computer? When making a backup using the Cron Job Tab does it generate a backup that contains the Home Directory Backup as well as a MySQL Database Backup? Or does one need to make a second entry in the Cron Job to back up the MySQL Database?

Thanks for any information or pointing me to any article or knowledge base etc. regarding this..

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