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Timing Out Of Scripts

Guest Phil Crane

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well i have a script im runnin on my forum that keeps timin out (white page) now on the forum imr unnign it on theres liek 6100 games i tested it on my test foruma nd i works (theres only 50 games ont hat one)

at first i thougth it would be max execution or memory limit so i changed them to the below in php.ini:

max_execution_time = 10000
memory_limit = 500mb

Doing this has made no difference at all even after restarting the server.

Is there soemthing im missing or something else i need to change because i cant even see any errors int he apache logs regarding the page timeout

also is there a way i can view a mysql error log on the server as nothing is coming up int he cache folder either and it might possibly be sql

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Firstly, you'd want to do


(it's not "mb" in the php.ini file, you just use capital "M").

However, it could be something else, since those would seem high enough to handle most things. Try adding to the top of your script



Or turn error reporting on in php.ini when making the other edits.

Also, remove any @ warning suppressors during testing.

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