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What Is This Forum For?

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A very frequent topic discussion that I see come up involves resource usage. Questions like "My server isn't responding well" and "What can I do to improve performance" are very specific, but often times there are general guidelines you can follow that can help a lot.

We've decided to open a forum dedicated to optimizing your site, your server, the software on your server, and the like. Use this forum to ask specific questions about how to optimize Apache, why your processlist seems to be showing some active processes that shouldn't be, and so on.

To start the discussion off, note that there are already some articles available here that can help you tune your site. These are general guidelines ... i.e. places to start, not the end-all be-all of server optimization. Each site is different, so feel free to post for specific help with YOUR situation. [*]Articles: Getting max from your hardware [*]Articles: Server-level optimizations [*]Articles: Using UDG for MySQL connections [*]Articles: Optimizing the database [*]Articles: Invision Board Optimization [*]Articles: IPB Settings that make a performance difference [*]Articles: Server Information Articles Category [*]Client Area KB: Changing sessions table to HEAP [*]Documentation: Using IPB's Caching Methods

Feel free to point out any other articles you think should be added to this list.

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This was an old topic from when we were running ipsbeyond.com. Most of the links are outdated.

Try looking through these


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